Truancy Policy
    Under the Alberta School Act, all students under the age of 16 years are required to attend school. Vista
    Virtual School students must submit assignments to complete all courses successfully within the school
    term. If the quantity and quality of assignments submitted by a student do not meet minimum standards,
    the student may be referred to the Attendance Review Board of Alberta. For more information, see the
    following link:
    To assist students and parents in meeting standards, Vista Virtual School staff will:
    1. Ask parents/guardians to inform Vista Virtual School of circumstances that hinder the student’s
    2. Determine the schedule for submission of assignments.
    3. Contact students when assignments are not received regularly.
    4. Inform parents/guardians of problems such as lack of progress.
    5. Provide reports of student progress monthly with a final report card.
    6. Offer student-parent-teacher interviews two times per school year.
    7. Invite parents/guardians to request conferences with teachers and administration as needed.
    By signing, I agree that I have read the Truancy Policy and I am aware that if this student does not submit
    his or her assignments regularly, this student will be considered truant. I understand that as a result this
    student will be reported to the Attendance Review Board and/or this student may not be permitted to
    continue with the Vista Virtual School Program.
    Student's Signature: _______________________________________________
    Date: _________________
    Parent/Legal Guardian/Independent Student's Signature: ____________________________
    Date: _________________

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