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  Document 6-01-A Letter to French Immersion Parents July 9 2018 charlotte watson 07/09/18 217 KB
  Document 6-01-B French Immersion Program Exit Interview Questions admin 05/01/18 16 KB
  Document 6-03 Informed_consent-permission_field_trips_within_walking_distance.pdf admin 05/01/18 160 KB
  Document 6-03-A Approval in Principle Extra-Curr Co-Cur Field Trips Excursions admin 05/01/18 86 KB
  Document 6-03-B Final Approval: Extra-Curricular or Co-Curricular Trips, Field Trips and Excursions admin 05/01/18 183 KB
  Document 6-03-C Informed Consent/Permission for Extra-Curricular or Co-Curricular Trips, Field Trips and Excursions admin 03/01/19 148 KB
  Document 6-03-D Approval in Principle: National Tours admin 05/22/19 86 KB
  Document 6-03-E Final Approval: National Tours admin 03/01/19 76 KB
  Document 6-03-F Approval in Principle: International Tours admin 05/22/19 213 KB
  Document 6-03-G Final Approval - International Tours admin 03/01/19 134 KB
  Document 6-03-H Informed Consent/Permission Form for National and International Tours admin 05/01/18 935 KB
  Document 6-03-I Statutory Declaration - No longer using - removed link from website March 2014 admin 03/01/19 133 KB
  Document 6-05-A Introduction to an Alternative School Calendar admin 05/01/18 61 KB
  Document 6-05-B Alternative School Calendar Conditions admin 01/10/19 138 KB
  Document 6-05-C Termination of an Alternate School Calendar admin 05/29/19 149 KB
  Document 6-08A Permission and Acknowledgement of Risk - Early Learning.pdf admin 05/01/18 108 KB
  Document 6-08A Permission and Acknowledgement of Risk - School, Phys Ed, Off Site Activities, Intramurals Clubs.pdf admin 05/01/18 119 KB
  Document 6-08B Permission and Acknowledgement of Risk Form - Interschool Athletics.pdf admin 05/01/18 106 KB
  Document 6-08C Documentation of Concussion Monitoring - Medical Examination.pdf admin 05/01/18 132 KB
  Document 6-08D Documentation for a diagnosed concussion - Return to Learn-Return to Physical Activity Plan.pdf admin 05/01/18 142 KB
  Document 6-12-A Children and Youth in Care School Placement Information admin 05/01/18 88 KB
  Document 6-14-A Off-Campus Programs - Off-Campus Coordinator's Package admin 02/27/19 6 MB
  Document 6-14-B Off-Campus Programs - Student's Package admin 02/27/19 336 KB
  Document 6-14-C Off-Campus Programs - Employer's Package admin 02/27/19 5 MB
  Document 6-14-D Off Campus Programs - Parent's General Information Package admin 02/27/19 401 KB
  Document 6-20 Notice & Student Exemption - Human Rights admin 03/01/19 269 KB
  Document 6-20B Distibution of materials that deal primarily or explicitly with religion or human sexuality.pdf admin 05/01/18 170 KB
  Document 6-21-A Research Studies admin 03/01/19 74 KB
  Document 6-25-A Community Based Team/Coaching admin 05/01/18 35 KB